Without Preliminary: How to recognize a reputable credit provider

29 Aug


Anyone looking for a loan on the Internet despite credit bureau’s entry will quickly find it. But with some providers, caution is required.

There are companies or sole proprietors who are after such people. These companies want nothing more than to lend money to people. Such companies pretend to their clients that you are actually arranging a loan full. Instead, you try brashly with unfair means to get money from your customers.

How to protect yourself from dubious loan offers and how you, a reputable Can get credit despite negative credit bureau . Find out now in our detailed guide.

According to various surveys, about 500,000 people a year in Germany search for a loan despite credit bureau.This number, provides some dubious credit intermediaries, the best conditions for a punching business. And there are enough people who fall for their tricks year after year.

With these tricks you will be asked to pay:

Pay with cash on delivery.

A popular way is to send the documents by cash on delivery. This trick is used very often to get a few hundred euros quickly. The customer is simply promised a loan, but the alleged loan agreement can only be handed over by paying a fee from the postman. As soon as the customer pays the COD charge, he will be bitterly disappointed. Instead of the promised loan agreement, he gets a bunch of documents, without any value with many more promise. Thus, the dubious credit intermediaries, the unsuspecting customer several times in the bag.

The life insurance – the rescue of the credit rating.

The life insurance - the rescue of the credit rating.

Even brash is the life insurance scam. The rogue credit broker is promising credit to clients, claiming that the bank needs life insurance to cover the loan. Or it is claimed that taking out a life insurance policy will improve the credit rating and thus a loan payment would be possible. As soon as the corresponding statutory withdrawal period of 14 days has elapsed, the intermediary gets up and leaves the customer with expensive life insurance, which he can not terminate. We advise that you do not sign anything that you do not understand or that does not lead to the conclusion of a loan agreement.

A covered bill and no credit agreement.

A covered bill and no credit agreement.

Up-front fees here you should be careful. If an intermediary asks you for money in advance, it can not be a serious mediation. Who wants to have money in advance, which is certainly not interested in a credit intermediary. In Germany, only fees may be charged if the mediation has come about and the customer has actually received a loan.

Credit despite credit bureau: That’s how you recognize a reputable mediator

No initial costs

No initial costs

The offer is understandable and all costs are clearly defined. If a commission / brokerage fee is charged, it must first be clearly stated in the documents.

No representative visit:

In order to conclude a loan agreement, there is no need for a representative. Such visits are usually associated with costs and completely unnecessary. All necessary documents will be sent by the agent by mail or, if desired, to your private e-mail address.

A non-binding loan offer:

A non-binding loan offer:

If you do not like the offer and you do not want to accept it, the credit intermediary may not charge you any fees. A loan offer should always be free and non-binding for the customer.

No additional contracts:

No additional contracts:

A reputable broker would never take advantage of the ignorance of its customers to additionally sell you a product. In order to get a loan, we do not have to sign any additional contracts.

More information on the subject of “credible loans despite credit bureau” can be found in our guide: Is a loan despite credit bureau reputable ?. Here we have all the necessary information for you together.

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