Quick and easy small loans online: let’s see what they are and how to request them

15 Dec

Getting small loans quickly and easily online is increasingly common among all those who have a project in the drawer, but need more liquidity to make it happen. The cases are the most disparate: a used car, a scooter, a trip, furniture, appliances, the organization of an event such as the marriage of a daughter, enrollment at the University of a child or urgent expenses unforeseen events such as medical or legal ones.

What are the best solutions for fast and easy online loans? Responding in a dry manner is absolutely impossible, given that subjective factors, often individual and sometimes collective, come into play (think of the needs of the family). Here are some very interesting theme proposals.

Loans for household appliances: the Astro finance offer

Loans for household appliances: the Astro finance offer

The category of small and fast online loans certainly includes those for home appliances. We need to change them frequently, especially when going to live in a new home. To finance the purchase of a washing machine, a dryer, a refrigerator or a dishwasher, you can count on the support of Astro finance, an established Italian credit institution that, after approving the request, will deliver in a short time (on average 48 hours) the sum necessary to allow the purchase of appliances to one’s liking.

Specifically, in this form of loan, everything happens online and with the digital signature, there are no expenses for ancillary costs and it is possible to change the installment without having to shell out money.

Immediate need for additional liquidity? With Cleopar, one day is enough

Immediate need for additional liquidity? With Cleopar, one day is enough

Whoever needs extra liquidity with a certain urgency, will not be able to do without considering the offer of Cleopar, whose competitive advantage lies in fact in the abatement of the timing: recently, not surprisingly, one day from the approval, in order to receive the desired amount in your bank account, by bank transfer.

For completeness of information, we specify that it is up to the applicant to pay the aforementioned additional expenses: $ 135 for preliminary expenses, $ 1 for installments and for handling the case; $ 22.84 of tax charges that are applied to the contract and requested with the payment of the first installment; 0.56 USD of expenses for sending a periodic paper-based annual transparency communication (free, if online).

We conclude the topic on the subject of small, fast and easy loans online with the offer of Prestiamoci, whose competitive advantage lies in rates. So low they have never been seen, to paraphrase what the site slogan indicates. The company’s mission consists in rewarding the projects of deserving people with a good credit history. The loans are granted not only to employees in the public and private sectors and to pensioners, but also to self-employed workers with a VAT number and with “atypical” contracts.

The protesters are not financed. In detail, the offers have TANs starting from 3.90% and APR starting from 5.40%. The entire procedure is 100% online and a response is given within 24 hours of sending documents. The applicant, in fact, will avoid having to queue at the counter. By accepting the request, Prestiamoci’s consultants will assign the applicant a risk class, related to his ability to repay the loan. As it is easy to guess, therefore, to a credit history “without spots” will correspond a lower risk class and low interests.

The costs are minimal and the conditions of traditional financing channels are transparent and safe, given that the anonymity of the applicants’ personal data is guaranteed.
The costs are also low if compared with those of traditional financial services: from 0.5% to 6.50% for commissions, 1.20 USD per installment of SEPA debit expenses, 16 USD of stamp duty. And in case of delays? There is a $ 10 fee to pay each month of delay, $ 10 to an unpaid installment and, as default interest, the national average overall effective interest rate plus 2 percentages.

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