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25 Nov

The credit situation in Italy must take into account the macroeconomic factors that have characterized the last few years, starting with the economic crisis and the revolution taking place in the world of work.

The former has in fact considerably eroded the stability of family budgets, while the latter has led to a sharp decline in the protections enjoyed by Italian workers before the Jobs Act, which has practically eliminated Article 18 of the Workers’ Statute and placed the word end at the time of the permanent job.

In the face of the increase in requests for loans from households and businesses, the credit world has however decided to act with some circumspection, first giving rise to a tightening of the conditions for the issue of loans, then gradually loosening this orientation in order not to give way to the ballast represented by the suffering to increase still, with serious risks for the tightness of the system.

The growth of fast loans

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At the same time, however, credit operators have tried to create products characterized by high doses of innovation and able to respond on the one hand to the demand for liquidity by consumers and on the other to that of security for those who consent to provide funding.

The most popular response in this sense is the fast loan, a type that makes the speed of the procedural process its strength. A rapidity that is the result of the adoption of new technologies by the credit system, with a drastic reduction of bureaucratic procedures such as to meet a widespread satisfaction with a user now tired of the complications of every aspect of life.

In this case, just connect to the financial portal that offers this type of financing and fill out a questionnaire, to start the procedure that can end within a couple of working days, provided that the applicant is able to provide the necessary guarantees. from the point of view of the ability to repay the sum received and does not have spots on its credit history, or not part of one of the registers of bad payers like that of the CRIF.

Fast Bankate loans

Fast Bankate loans

Among the companies that provide fast loans in Italy, a place of absolute importance certainly belongs to Bankate, a company that gravitates within the sphere of the Society general Group, succeeding in proposing a catalog of innovative credit products able to meet the needs more and more. complex of modern society.

Among Bankate’s proposals, we should mention in particular Finmose, Viloan and Zaloan. The first is a personal loan that is granted with a limit of $ 30,000 to private employees who are able to demonstrate at least two years of seniority. Preliminary investigative fees vary on the basis of the request, in no case exceeding in any case the 300 USD, to which a further 16 must be added for the stamp duty, while TAN and APR cannot exceed 11.40 and 17 respectively. 42%.

Viloan, on the other hand, is the solution designed for employees and retirees, with a repayment plan that provides for withholding taxes directly on salary or pension. The TAN and the APR vary on the basis of the risk involved in the applicant’s profile, while the preliminary expenses amount to $ 350, to which is added the stamp duty for another 16.

Finally, Zaloan, which is structured in such a way as to reward customers who respect the contractual stipulations regarding the repayment plan, by lowering the amount of the installment upon certain conditions.

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