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27 Nov

One of the doubts that can arise when applying for a loan is to ask yourself if this is possible in the presence of another loan that is already active. If we are already in the presence of a loan, this does not mean that the need for new liquidity may arise for other needs that were not initially foreseen. Getting in these cases a second loan could be a great help.

The creditor will always evaluate your creditworthiness, even more so on a second loan

The creditor will always evaluate your creditworthiness, even more so on a second loan

We immediately say that the acceptance of a further loan is admissible, even if it is not so simple to obtain since a creditor institution does not see a rapid indebtedness as a good omen, while if you are on the CTC blacklist as insolvent, you will certainly not succeed. to get it. If, on the other hand, you receive a safe and regular salary, better if rather substantial, then the possibility of being able to access a bis-loan is considerably greater.

A sure method to be able to access a loan having already one other active one is that of the assignment of the fifth, in the aforementioned case of solid and fixed salary. In this way the first loan will normally continue its course, while the repayment installments of the second will be withheld from the paycheck, making it completely irrelevant what happens with the other loan. If, on the other hand, the first loan was obtained through the assignment of the fifth, the loan could still be granted to you if the credit institution, after having carried out its checks, verifies that the loan to be granted is not greater than 2/5 of the income from you perceived in the calendar. Another yardstick for granting credit is the valuation of the installment / income ratio, which must not exceed an overall share of 30 to 35%. If you belong to the self-employed category, the verification will also be done by checking that you do not appear in the register of bad payers.

Evaluate your long-term availability: it is good not to take on too much debt.

Evaluate your long-term availability: it is good not to take on too much debt.

Obviously, the bank seeks its guarantees and the higher a salary, the more are the chances of being able to access a second loan, although this may seem a contradiction. There is therefore no maximum number of loans allowed, but they will always be granted or not based on the income you received.

If possible, in any case, avoid “heavy debt”. This is a good rule because a mishap could put you in a position to not pay the installments and make you be among the bad payers, complicating not a little the future possibilities of new loans.

Even if the institution is willing to give you credit, therefore, first check that there are really no other possible ways and read each clause well, the extent of the installments and their sustainability on your part even in the long run. You can possibly try to “tap” a lower portion of the installment in exchange for a longer loan payment time.

The same is true if, instead of a generic loan, you ask for the opening of a mortgage. What counts for the bank is that the total of the loans that you will have to face does not affect your ability to repay them, counting the minimum subsistence of the basic needs that every family has to face.

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