Calculate payday loan amount: That’s how it works!

In addition to the installments, borrowers incur further costs. Which of these are and how they are calculated, answered the following article. Calculate payday loan costs If you take out a payday loan, you have to take into account the monthly installments and other costs. Such as the interest, processing fees and costs for any […]

Without Preliminary: How to recognize a reputable credit provider

  Anyone looking for a loan on the Internet despite credit bureau’s entry will quickly find it. But with some providers, caution is required. There are companies or sole proprietors who are after such people. These companies want nothing more than to lend money to people. Such companies pretend to their clients that you are […]

Corporate insolvency: reasons, statistics and process

  A corporate insolvency, in contrast to a private bankruptcy, draws much wider circles. Personal bankruptcy is a drastic cut for the person and family concerned. In a corporate insolvency, however, significantly more people are affected. In addition to the employees, whose jobs are massively endangered, a corporate insolvency also affects the suppliers and customers […]

Deduct interest on debt and financing costs

Take advantage of the tax deductibility of all financing costs Debt interest is tax deductible under certain conditions. Find out under what circumstances this is possible and what you should be aware of. Important information Debt interest is deductible if the liability is an operating debt. Private financing costs can be claimed only to a […]